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Announcing The Launch Of NorthCap Cyber

After a long wait, we are finally here!

In today’s complex digital landscape, discerning investors and businesses confront a significant challenge: The ability to measure and act upon cyber risk with precision. This challenge often culminates in misdirected investments and an unclear path to protect and enhance value, especially for portfolio companies. In response to this pressing need, we are proud to introduce NorthCap Cyber!

Why NorthCap Cyber Was Established:

Our foundation is rooted in a clear observation: both investors and businesses sought a reliable mechanism to measure risk and act decisively.

  • Investors sought clarity on safeguarding and augmenting the value of their portfolio companies.
  • Businesses aimed to adeptly manage cyber risks amidst growth, often navigating the maze of cybersecurity investments.

Distinguishing NorthCap Cyber:

NorthCap Cyber transcends the typical cybersecurity paradigm by emphasizing business-centric solutions. Our distinct approach encompasses:

  • Keeping Value Creation and Value Protection at the heart of everything we do.
  • Striving to Demystify Cybersecurity For All. Avoiding jargon, and keeping things simple.
  • A Data-Driven Cybersecurity Framework tailored to identifying critical risks and gaps in best practice.
  • Holistic Consultancy Methodology that offers deep insights without disrupting your operational teams.
  • An Expert Network offering continuous support, ensuring skill gaps are bridged without the overheads of full-time personnel.

What We Do:

At NorthCap Cyber, we understand that our stakeholders – ranging from investors to CISOs – face a myriad of challenges in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape. Our services are meticulously designed to address these challenges, offering actionable insights and long-term strategies that align with your business objectives.

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

Portfolio Cybersecurity Risk Management

Portfolio Exit

Board Level
Security Strategy

In person & Virtual
Expert Support


Supply Chain
Risk Management

Security Training
& Awareness

Cybersecurity Attack Simulations

Compliance &
Remediation Support


Strategic Partnerships:

Our commitment to becoming a true Cybersecurity Assurance Partner is underscored by our collaborations with esteemed entities to ensure that no matter what the requirement, no matter the time constraints, NorthCap Cyber can always provide support with expertise and professionalism.

Vision for the Future:

We are poised to redefine the future, where businesses and investors traverse the digital domain with unparalleled confidence, fortified with lucid, actionable insights into their cybersecurity stance.

Engage with NorthCap Cyber:

To our esteemed partners in Private Equity, M&A, VC firms, and diverse business sectors, we extend an invitation to join us on this transformative journey. Explore how NorthCap Cyber can empower you with strategic decisions that safeguard your digital assets and catalyse value creation.

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Reaching the Pinnacle Together:

Investors, Business Leaders, Security Experts – whether you’re at the base camp or nearing the summit, NorthCap is your guide to scaling the cybersecurity mountain with confidence.

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